How Your Custom Event Sign Is Made

Interested in how we make your beautiful event sign? You've come to the right place. We take great enjoyment in being involved with your wedding day and helping to elevate the styling of your event, here you can learn a little more about the love that goes into the making of your sign.

First things first - designing your sign

We have carefully designed a number of set styles for you to choose from, but your individual sign still gets the designers eye and pixel perfect finish that it needs. We use Adobe Illustrator to design and perfect your sign with your details, names, wedding dates etc that you provide to us. To us, alignment, spacing and balance is key.


Next - cut and prepare the elements

Your event sign is made using laser cut acrylic, and vinyl which is cut on a vinyl cutter. We place a piece of 3mm thick acrylic into our laser cutting machine, select the shape that you have chosen, add hang holes if required, and start the machine. The laser cutter makes a clean cut right through the acrylic, leaving a clean cut edge on your sign. We apply a protective masking tape to the acrylic before cutting to avoid any pesky burn marks on the actual acrylic - this is peeled off after cutting. We then we apply a static-repelling spray to your acrylic.


Now we move on to the important part, the actual detail of your sign. We load your selected colour of vinyl into our vinyl cutter. This nifty little machine who's key elements are a couple of sets of rollers and a tiny, super sharp blade that rotates 180 degrees as is moves horizontally along the material. The rollers feed the vinyl material back and forth between the machine. With some calibrating, the blade, somewhat miraculously, cuts though only the actual vinyl to be applied, and leaves the backing sheet in tact.

Final step - prepare and apply the vinyl

With the vinyl now cut, we 'weed' or remove, the parts of the vinyl that we don't need - anything apart from the details in your design. We then apply a sheet of 'transfer tape' to the front of the vinyl which essentially acts as a temporary adhesive surface that allows us to remove the vinyl from the existing backing sheet, and apply it to your acrylic sign backing. Phew! We smooth out the vinyl to ensure a strong and slick application, and finally remove the application tape.

All done! Your custom event sign is carefully packaged, stamped with our Every Other Sunday seal of approval and handed over to our trusted courier to deliver to your door.